Frogger has conquered the world!


Frogger Returns (500pts – Konami) – A Japanese catch-up title that's been out for a few months in North America and just last month in Europe. We thought it was good fun and a nice return to form for a franchise that has spent a lot of time trying to become a platforming game.

Virtual Console

Romancing Saga 2 (800pts Super Famicom – Square-Enix) – Second in a Japanese series of generational role-playing games: every time your character (the king/emperor/queen/empress) dies you choose a new one to continue the line with the passage of multiple generations taking place before the game end.

Galaxy Fight (900pts NEO GEO – SNK) – Sunsoft's debut entry in the 2D fighting game genre. Unlike most fighters the attack buttons don't map to punches and kicks necessarily; the sci-fi theme means there are non-human combatants that bite or use tails instead for a bit of freshness.

Feed the giant mushroom, some carrots or else!


at Enter! Taisen Shogi 2 (200pts – Tasuke) – This appears to be the sequel to at Shogi Challenge Spirits released last October. As with the first game there's a Challenge/Mission mode seeing you play against a variety of characters with the big improvement being the addition of a Download Play option so you can play against a friend.

at Enter! Taisen Mahjong 2 (200pts – Tasuke) – Another upgrade to a previous budget release from Tasuke, this one being an enhanced version of 200V Challenge Spirit Mahjong, which was released last September. As with Taisen Shogi 2, the addition made to this release is the ability to use Download Play against 1-3 of your friends to get a proper 4-way game of mahjong going.

@ Simple Series Vol. 3: The Misshitsu Kara no Datsude ~ Prison Break ~ (500pts – D3 Publisher) – Another one of those "escape from the locked room" games from D3. In this one players need to find the clues required to escape from a prison(!)

Al to Harapeko Monster (500pts – ICM) – A game in which you need to keep feeding a hungry monster in a field vegetables? No, we don't know what to make of this either...