Level 2?  Not impressed.

We have to figure that Suzak is porting games they originally developed for mobile phones for the G.G. Series, because it just doesn't seem possible that they could have made so many games in so short a span of time and actually had this many of them turn out to be worthwhile.

Energy Chain is a puzzle game and whilst we wouldn't necessarily call it addictive, it's certainly interesting enough to keep players occupied whilst waiting for a plane or traveling on the way to work (unless you're driving – don't play and drive okay?). As with the other G.G. Series titles we've previewed thus far, only the lower screen is used and no stylus control is implemented.

Players are presented with a grid containing four blue "dynamos," with the goal being to repeatedly create links between two (or more) using blocks of different colours to create chains for electricity to flow through; and destroying the blocks in the process. The blocks come up singly, in linked pairs and linked triples which can be at right angles or in straight lines and either of one, two or (after level 10) three colours. You can rotate blocks clockwise or anti-clockwise and place them wherever there's space on the grid. Whilst you're placing blocks a time gauge is running down which refills whenever you create a chain, with the amount of time restored depending upon the number of blocks destroyed. Building larger chains will not only help your score, but ensure you're better able to continue playing. Periodically a golden dynamo will be attached to a block grouping as a way to get a chain completed quickly, but otherwise that's the game all told.

Level 18? Wow, that's some kinda chain!

Every 15 or 16 chains laid down the level increases, which will cause your time gauge to run down faster. Your high score and highest chain/level achieved are recorded in the top screen to give you something to shoot for in the future, but this isn't probably isn't going to be high in your play rotation. The music is nice and spacey and as with other Suzak games in the G.G. Series there's a nice level of detail in the graphics. For 200 Points it's not a bad bit of fun and we certainly hope these games get released outside of Japan in some form down the line.