Now that is a robot.

Until now, European fans of giant robots have been crying into their Transformers pillowcases about the state of the Wii's 'bot back catalogue, their tears ever saltier by the long delay in seeing Overturn: Mecha Wars reach European shores. Originally announced for a European release last April, Gamebridge has just sent over confirmation that the game will be on the European Wii Shop Channel on Friday, February 12th.

In case you've missed our coverage of Overturn, you can check out our review as well as look longingly at the screenshots and videos of the mechanical marvels on Overturn's game page. Want more information? Here's Gamebridge's own press release to fill in any gaps:

GAMEBRIDGE Ltd., today announce that Overturn: Mecha Wars, Studio Zan’s much anticipated mech title, will be available through the WiiWare™ channel across the PAL territories from the 12th of February 2010 for 800 Wii Points,

Shown to the public during last Octobers MCM Expo, Overturn: Mecha Wars is a tournament based mech game where two challengers go head to head. Tournament consists of 6 classes: Rookie, Novice, Elite, Ace, Grand and Master classes.

Games take place within closed battle fields with the contestants controlling futurist machines that are equipped with a host of high tech weapons. The aim of the game is to blast your opponent using the 19 available weapons, while trying to avoid their incoming attacks, aiming to be the last one standing.


・Go head to head in a closed arena in a fire fight to the end, letting lose a barrage of attacks from a range of futuristic weapons.

・Customise each of the eight machines with weapons of your choice and by also changing the colours of each part, ready to take on the next challenger.

・Go head to head with a friend locally (split screen) or via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection (2-4 players) to face off against the best players in the world

・Join the world rankings to see how you stack up against the best.

・See what it feels like to manoeuvre a mech by shifting your weight around on the Wii Balance Board!