Ryu is about to take tumble, methinks

Capcom’s forthcoming 3D ‘reboot’ of the Street Fighter series may be dividing opinion all over the globe thanks to its unique visual style but producer Yoshinori Ono is confident the end product will be a success and commented that in his opinion the game could ‘potentially’ arrive on the Wii.

Speaking at the GDC last week, Ono said:

Street Fighter IV, as it stands now, would be well-suited for the higher-level platforms. But the game doesn't have to have these visuals in order to be fun.

We could go, potentially, to the Wii. We could make it on Game Boy, for all we know right now. As long as the rules are the same, that can be independent of the visuals. So we're not going to be limited by any hardware specs; we're going to aim as wide as possible.

You could have a gold-inlaid board, knights with diamonds in their eyes. Or you could just draw a grid on a piece of paper and use cheap plastic pieces. And you're having the same amount of fun.

While we’re obviously taking the Gameboy comment with a pinch of salt, Ono’s remarks are quite revealing and with the Wii proving to be such a massive force worldwide it would certainly make excellent business sense for Capcom to at least investigate the possibility of a Wii port.

Street Fighter IV is yet to be confirmed for home release but Ono’s other comments at GDC about adding more characters to any domestic releases is a pretty sure pointer to the game hitting one (or more) of the major next-gen platforms at some juncture.

[source eurogamer.net]