In the bar

Eventually, in Famicom Detective Club: The Girl Who Stands Behind, you'll get to go to a bar — even though you're only 15! The bartender won't talk to you, though...

As part of our Famicom Detective Club guide, we're here to help you figure out what you're supposed to do to advance.

OPTION ONE: Tell Hitomi you're going alone

He'll check on Ayumi.

Go to the bar, chat to the bartender

It won't go well. You're too young to be in a bar, sir!

Go back to Hitomi

You'll talk about how the bartender doesn't want to tell you anything.

Return to the bar

Hitomi will show up... in his glasses and wig.

"Take" Hitomi's wig a few times

It'll work eventually, promise.

OPTION TWO: Ask Hitomi to come with you

He's busy right now, but he'll come later.

Talk to him

Ask him everything in order, and you'll get a hint.

Hitomi will turn up, so talk to him instead

He just keeps saying "what do you want to know?"

"Take" Hitomi's wig a few times

It'll come off! Good work.

Hitomi will introduce you to the bartender

Thanks, Hitomi.

Try to guess who the bartender's customer was

No spoilers here. Ask again about the same person a few times to get all the detail!

Ask what he knows, then ask about the customer again

A little more information will trickle out, but that's about it.

Call on the customer

Ask about the same person a few times. You'll eventually get a new location.

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