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if you just want a general recommendation for the genre, my go to JRPGs are Golden Sun1/2.

I hear lot of good things about golden sun maybe I can download it from steam

I see a flaw with this plan

Should be pretty cheap on Steam if you can get it there. Prolly only around $0 but they might not take your money.

This is why it is vital that VC needs to be on Switch. People can just download their games for so much cheaper elsewhere.

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I'll try to suggest some games that people haven't already mentioned already.

I would highly recommend Undertale if you haven't already played it. The combat itself is unique, not to mention you can play through the whole game without actually killing anything. The characters are also very charming and it has one of the best soundtracks of any game I've played.

The World Ends With you was one of my favourite games on the DS and I would highly recommend that one. Again, the combat is pretty unique in that game and uses the dual screens in a creative way.

If you're looking for some solid Action JRPGs, try out some of the Tales Of games, maybe Tales of The Abyss on the 3DS or Tales of Symphonia for GameCube, assuming you have Nintendo consoles.

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Most important RPGs in my RPG playing career:

Mystic Quest (EU): first one I played and a great introduction to the genre

Baldur's Gate: deep story, just open enough for great exploration without getting lost, very strategic battling

Fire Emblem GBA: still my favourite in the series. Introduced me to SRPGs

Dragon Quest VIII: Never got on with final fantasy - way too serious for me. Dragon Quest is much more my style and this is the best one

Etrian Odyssey IV: hadnt played a first person dungeon crawler before but now I'm hooked and have played tonnes. This is an excellent and accessible introduction to the sub-genre



@Spennymoor I totally agree with you on the Dragon Quest thing. Final Fantasy can bee to realistic and overall too weird for mee to enjoy. Dragon quest is a nice and basic RPG game series. I'm surprised to see DQ isn't as popular as FF.


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