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The recent NL article about that weird game storage tower inspired me to ask you all how you store your Switch system and games. Do you try to make it aesthetically pleasing as possible, or just go for the optimal space/storage? Do you integrate your amiibo and other Nintendo merch with it? Share below, with pictures if possible!
I would share, but as an only-recently employed teenager, I only own three switch games, two of which are physical, so my current storage system is kind of just "set them on the TV", unfortunately.

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I have my game cards in cases that came with my RDS Industries case. They hold four game cards each and fit in my travel case for the Switch. The game cases themselves are just in a box on my tv stand. I would like to find a good case to hold all my game cards together. But haven’t came across one yet I really like more than what I have.




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I have a bookshelf with 4 shelves. Each shelf is a different system. I only store my boxed games on it (not the old cartridges). When I first started using it, there were only 3 systems (GameCube, DS, and Wii), so I used the bottom shelf for DVDs. I kicked the DVDs out when the 3DS came out. After the Wii U came out, the 3DS and Wii U shared a shelf. Today, that top shelf is filled with 3DS games, and all my Wii U and Switch games are stacked on top of them. I really need a second bookshelf lol



I honestly am completely digital right now. That didn’t happen purposely, it just kind of happened lol. Mostly because of great PSN sales and eShop sales. I’m sure I’ll have some physical games eventually, but right now everything is digital.

My Switch itself is just kept in a case with a bag of glass cleaning wipes, lol. I have a built-in bookshelf in my closet where I keep all of my amiibo and other gaming “toys”.



I have a little case that looks like a POW block.

The game boxes themselves are banished to a bookshelf.


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I have a switch case that carries my cartridges and the boxes are closed away in a wardrobe

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Two words: Physical cartridges.

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Got all the boxes for games on a bookshelf, retro/older console games are in a few storage boxes next to the shelves. My Switch games are 60/40 digital/physical, the boxes are on the shelf.



Out of a steel book that came with Flashback:

Filled the two spaces ages ago
And the cartridge holders that came with my Zelda Carry Case.

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On a shelf. Sorted by system, and release date, because that's the only logical way.



I've got a square wicker basket next to the TV-stand/table that holds all my physical games (13, I think), a pro controller, 2 joycon in a grip, another grip, a carrying case, 2 joycon steering wheels, 2 USB-C cables and 4 joycon wriststraps.

The switch and it's dock are situated next to the TV, on the table.

It's all quite orderly and clean, like the rest of my home. It'd drive me bonkers if it was any kind of messy, to be honest. Bit of low-level OCD at work there.



@Arbor This apartment I live in has a random piece of wood nailed to the wall for reasons unknown. (I think it might have originally be part of a shelf and they never finished installing the shelf)

But by amazing coincidence, there is a little notch in it that is the picture perfect size for Switch game cases. So I can basically display them on my wall. But I keep the actual games in a compact and portable Hori game case. lol

My controllers are just randomly sitting around my living room. I live alone, so who cares? lol

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I built a cabinet about 10 years ago specifically for storing my CD collection. Actually, here's an in-progress shot of me making it to make it a bit easier to understand what I mean.


That space down the bottom was specifically made as a section to store DS games. I still have all my DS games in that space as well as all my 3DS games. The middle section was designed for awkwardly shaped CD cases and music DVDs. The taller of the three, the one designed for DVD boxes, that's where all my Switch cartridges currently are. My Amiibo sit across the top. The rest of it is still CDs.

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