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A breath of fresh air: Turns out NIS is choosing Switch as it's Disgea exclusive console (at least in the US at the moment).

Sony's SJW agenda and damaging japanese devs is coming to an end with developers looking to other consoles now which is a relief because Sony isn't doing anything noble, but being racist and hypocritical at this point.



There's already a thread for Disgea 6 but I'm not really sure what's that got to do with racism and social justice warriors.

Nicolai wrote:

Alright, I gotta stop getting into arguments with jump. Someone remind me next time.

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I havwnr read anything on NIS and their views of censorship from Sony but Nintendo has an awesome install base and the only portable and I think that's the ajor factor.


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It's unfortunate for Disgaea fans who don't own a Switch in the west.

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This has nothing to do with any political message, more the fact that Disgaea 5C on Switch outsold D5 on PS4 by about ten to one. NIS had been in serious financial trouble, and they may still be in trouble, but Switch sales saved the series. Not a big surprise to find that NIS wants to focus on the platform that ensured their survival.

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JasmineDragon wrote:

Not a big surprise to find that NIS wants to focus on the platform that ensured their survival.

Regardless of the sales volume this is any software developers bottom line. If you can't re-invest back then why would you keep plowing money into dead end consoles. Also the Switch being portable will insure more people see and want to have the games your playing. This just helps to advertise the Switch Hybrid gaming console as more effective at advertising itself. I don't recall seeing or hearing reports of financial troubles with NISA, more like big corporation claims to make sales for them and it falls through. That isn't NISA fault but the company that makes claims but can't hold water.

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I mean, it's hitting the PS4 in Japan, so the "SJW agenda" doesn't seem a very likely culprit. Rather, people in Japan still seem to primarily buy their third-party multiplats on PS4, whereas the Western Switch fanbase has been pretty good about supporting non-Nintendo stuff. In fact, as has been said, the huge support for Disgaea 5 Complete on Switch is likely what motivated NIS to support the hell out of the Switch like they have been.

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@Salvince I'm sorry what

What about Sony is SJW at all

Are y'all really still pissed that Ellie is lesbian


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i know that Disgaea 6 is coming soon fast but is Disgaea 5 any good?

I never played a Disgaea game



I know SJW complaining is an instant red flag, but the idea that Sony has been going against putting more fanservice-y Japanese games on the US side of PS4 is an actual thing. For pretty transparently "we wanna look progressive as a company but are not good at it" reasons (especially since it will conveniently ignore popular western games that do similar things). It's been a thing for a while now I believe, which is a reason why Switch has gotten some particular risque and shameless Japanese titles.

I just wanted to confirm that's a real thing, and not some weird imaginary thing, in this specific instance. Broken clock, twice a day. That being said, I'm not entirely sure Disgaea goes that far with it anyway? I only played a bit of 5, but AFAIK its not full on Senran Kagura stuff.

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Lols, it certainly isn't, @kkslider5552000 .... It's rated 'T', with mild innuendo, mild bad language, etc! I don't think I've ever heard anyone have a problem with that part of any Disgaea game I don't think the person who said about SJW stuff meant particularly relating to these games, they seemed to be talking more generally It is somewhat weird that there's now games on Switch with uncensored fan-service, that is pretty pornographic, while they're censored on PS4

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Yeah, I certainly don't mind &, indeed, get some of those games either on Switch or Steam, @Northwind .... Just a bit of a turn-around from years ago when it was Nintendo censoring various things & PS not doing so!

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Earlier this year, Disgaea 5 was on clearance at Walmart stores for 19 bucks. Now, prices for Disgaea 5 are insane on walmart and amazon.

People already scalping prices for Disgaea 5 on amazon like crazy. Most expensive copy is 70 something bucks



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