Topic: Are Deluxe releases on the Switch worth it?

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A topic about Deluxe releases. We all probably know about it as Switch owners, but the real question is... are they really worth it? Discuss it here.



Does mario u deluxe count



that's kinda up to the buyer


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They're worth it if you missed out the first time or want to play the game again in handheld mode or just on the Switch in general. The extra content added is usually pretty underwhelming though so it's generally not worth re-buying them just for that.


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I feel like they only work because so many people just didn't own a Wii U, myself included.

To us these are basically new games, but the very minimal extra content added doesn't justify charging full price honestly. The only deluxe releases I bought were Mario Kart, Hyrule Warriors and Tokyo Mirage Sessions.


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As someone who plays the Switch mostly in portable mode I'd say "yes". Having a portable version of Bayonetta 2 is a cherished part of my whole video game collection. But for somebody who only plays in docked mode and had already played these games on Wii U? The deluxe Switch release probably feels like a non-event.

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Comes down to gamer preferences or if the extras are something they are looking for. And as others said if you didn't have it before sometimes this is a good buy.



They are worth it if you haven’t played them before.
Up to the individual really

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Yes, indeed.
They are worthy due to more contents from previous release on Wii U + Portability way to play.

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Never owned a Wii U so I missed out on that stage of Nintendo gaming, and hence never got to play any of the games later ported to Switch under the 'Deluxe' tag. Glad it's worked out the way it has because there's been some brilliant games rereleased for Switch that I otherwise wouldn't have played. So in my case and anyone in a similar boat, yes they are worth it as it's we're playing these games largely for the first time. Can understand someone who owned a Wii U and all these games questioning their value however.

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It depends. If you've never had a Wii U and/or any of those games, then yeah I'd say they're totally worth it. Otherwise, as others have said it's really up to you if you want to double-dip. I enjoyed Mario Kart 8 back on the Wii U, so I went ahead and got it for Switch as well. I'll likely do the same thing for Super Mario 3D World, though I kinda want to know more about Bowser's Fury. I won't do this for every Wii U game that comes to Switch though. They tend to cost full price, after all.

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1. Did you have a Wii U? If not, then yes.

2. Do you want to play the game again? Probably wait for a sale or used.

3. Is this game one of your favorites? Buy it again of course!

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If you never owned a Wii U/never experienced these games before, 100% yes. Who cares if it was originally released 6 or so years ago, it's new to you. Also if portable gaming is something you value(myself included). So yeah, in most cases, yes.


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Like most say it depends on the person and if you owned a Wii U or not. Another factor is the extras that are included. For example does it included the DLC and have you ever experienced the DLC. Did they add a new character, stage etc to it and how much does it change game play. The big thing though with the Switch is now you have it portable. So even if you have SMBU on the Wii U for example it might be worth getting it on the Switch if you want to be able to play it on the go.

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@ImNotMythik_J Some of the Deluxe games will likely be on sale later this month for black friday. Expect 20% off.

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@Kyloctopus just out of curiosity: why would you prefer any of these games on Wii U? Only reasons I could think of is that they're cheaper (or you don't own a Switch ) (except for the exclusive levels in Captain Toad 3ds). The games objectively lack features on Wii U compared to the deluxe Switch versions right?


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As a Wii U owner, it depends on the quality of the port and amount of additional content.

Something like Pikmin 3 with minimal changes and identical performance to the Wii U version? Nah.

Something like MK8D with significant additions and boosted performance/resolution compared to the Wii U original? Absolutely.

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@Kyloctopus You really prefer Bayonetta 2 on Wii U? I heard that Bayo 2 on Switch had considerably improved performance and was able to hold a more stable 60fps compared to the original.


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Nearly all of them are worthwhile for what they are, but only some of them, at best, are worth 60 bucks in the context of "were also worth 60 bucks years ago".

Also **** the price increase for Tropical Freeze, don't buy that one out of principle.

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