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I'm looking to expand my gaming horizon by trying out some new genres and these two caught my attention.
I've got one major problem tho, specifically with Japanese game character writing - they are incredibly boilerplate-y, two-dimensional and predictable. It's the reason I dropped Three Houses halfway through, and it's the reason why I'm struggling hard to finish Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.
Just for reference, I usually like to play action oriented games or platformers and I know both of these are very different from these.

In Three Houses (it's been a while I played it), I hated how during every major event every character has to express his "opinion" on the situation via their boilerplate in the most lazy way.
Fabricated example of just 2 people (and there are much more of them in game!): A guy likes fighting (I think it was Felix, but not really sure) and a girl likes red colour

  • if a tree falls down, he mentions how he would've loved to fight that tree and she mentions it's such a shame that trees don't have red colors
  • if an explosion happens, he mentions how that must mean enemy's coming so and he's looking towards fighting and she mentions how horrible it is but also it's beatiful because there the flames are red
  • if nothing happens, he mentions how it's boring that noone is fighting and she mentions that it's good so she can now relax in her red-coloured bed

I think you see what I mean. And yes, I know you can open up the characters and as you progress they become much more interesting but during the main questline they always comment on everything in their most basic form and that just bugs me because it immediately distrupts any attempt to like them or believe them anything.

With Great Ace Attorney Chronicles I hate similar thing and especially how often they repeat the "character quirk" animations and lines. You can smell them coming a mile away and they still can't pass on the opportuninty. It's fun at first but gets overused so quickly. Also everyone's just plain dumb and they state the most obvious thing in such a long dialogues that I stopped doing any sort of exploration unless specifically required (even then I just tend to examine only the necessary stuff). The same with dialogue which at point started to feel like it's never gonna end about stating the already said (yes, there are even flashbacks at what happened few minutes ago). At the point where you're trying to persaude the Lestrade girl to be her defendent, I just didn't even want to because her character was just so plain dumb I felt like she deserves to be punished.
In court everyone is like "and what exactly is wrong with these blood-stained gloves???" and you're like "uhhh.... ohhhh.... errrrmmm.... well, the blood" and they're like "OOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMG!!!!!!!!! you're soooo amazing" and it's just stupid at so many times.
It feels like the game was designed around the assumption the game is played by a kid who is spending most of his time with the game playing a different game on a phone and is barely paying any attention to this at all.
Every character in this feels like a caricature, but then there are (unfortunately) really well hidden emotional passages which just tend to get burried under the garbage. But also the story is very intriguing and I'm looking foward to seeing how everything wraps up.

Based on this, I wanna ask you if any of the titles metnioned in the title are prone to this writing and if so, to what extent? I'd like to try one of those but I'm not looking foward putting my money towards 40 or more hour game if I'm gonna be exhausted by this after the first few hours.

Thanks for you advices in advance!


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