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Hi guys,

Our review copy of Pokémon Black arrived the other day and I'm currently getting stuck into another quest to catch 'em all. I'm periodically tweeting my updates along with pictures, so be sure to check out my TwitPic photos.

Let me know if you have any questions and I'll try to answer some as best as I can!


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What do you think of the new Pokemon? Are they superfluous additions just to be different, or is it interesting to discover new little guys like r/b/y all over again?

Also, how much do you know about the online features? Opinions?

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Can the Pokemon follow you again?
Is the game slow paced like D/P/P/HG/SS? or is it fast like like R/S/E/FR/LG?

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@JumpMad Answer is here!

@turtlelink Nope, Pokémon cannot follow you, not that I've found so far. Game seems to be pretty quick-paced but I couldn't say specifically, doesn't seem slow though.

@Token Girl There's not really anyone else online at the moment so I can't comment on the online features, but I do like running into new Pokémon all the time. Most of them seem pretty good and fit in well with the previous monsters. No duff ones so far!


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Do you currently plan to catch all 700 of them?

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Did you catch a Sandile yet? If not, you should, it (and its evolutions) are some of the best looking new pokemon...

How are the localized names looking? Good so far or dumb (like Bidoof, etc.)?

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Is Black City full of buildings all of which you can go into, or can you only go into some of the buildings? Do all the buildings you go into have several floors? (I see they're all tall buildings, but since it's a DS game, I don't know how many of them actually have several floors you can go into)

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I haven't got to Black City yet, but most buildings I've been into have several floors, some accessible via stairs outside the building if you just want to skip to the top floor!

@MetalMario Music is catchy as it ever was. Battle themes are familiar but slightly different and there's some good remixed tunes when you're down to low health, for example.


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Man, you guys are lucky.
Is the game's pacing good this time around? Because Platnium has the WRONG placement of the Gym Leaders, plus not many good Pokemon were availible until much later.

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What exactly goes on in the triple battle? I mean, I know the pokemon on the sides have limited battle options, but what exactly ARE the limited battle options? What moves does the game let those pokemon use? The pokemon in the ceter can use all it's moves right?

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Can you trade pokemon from other pokemon ds games? Also, how does the video chat work? Does it use the DSi camera?

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I usually buy the less popular one (Sapphire, pearl, ect) which one do you think that would be? Black or White?

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Does the game have more of a story than its predecessors?

Also, how is the video chat (if you've used it yet)?

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Have you played at least one Pokemon game out of each generation? If so, does this feel stale and "been there done that" or truly like something new? Diamond and Pearl felt a little meh-ish to me. (Still loved them tho )

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I havent played a Pokeman game since Blue and Red due to the fact that they all seemed like the exact same thing but with different Pokeman. Is this one just like the others or does it bring something new to the series (Besides different Pokemon0?

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What's the difference between Black Forest and White City? I assume one is a forest and the other is a city, but that's the limit of my knowledge.


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