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Thu 28th Apr 2011

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Demonio commented on Super Mario 3D to Use 3DS Gyro Sensor:

"come on people, miyamoto knows what he's doing. people had their doubts about the wiimote too but it was an obvious success. hold off on the judgement til you actually play"

Wii Music.
'Nuff' said.



Demonio commented on Nintendo Expected Higher 3DS Sales:

I like how so many people are like, "Well the problem is..."
The problem is that Nintendo have done some pretty poor decision making in general and that pretty much most of the issues that have been brought up are all valid points.

I was about to draw out a huge rand of frustration, but that's a good half hour I could spend doing something more worthwhile.
Nintendo, sometimes you make it hard for a fanboy like me to love you.