One of the best things about Nintendo Switch is its sheer versatility. You can play it at home, on the go, or even sitting on the toilet if so you desire.

With all of these gaming options comes the need for a variety of Nintendo Switch accessories to enhance your gaming experience. If you spend most of your time playing Switch docked to your TV, you'll want to pick up a Pro Controller. If you are a bit of a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe fiend, you might want to pick up some Joy-Con wheels. Are you taking your Switch on a trip? We'd recommend investing in a carry case and a battery pack to top up your charge.

Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up some of the very best Nintendo Switch accessories around to help you find the ones which are worth buying so that you can make the most of Nintendo’s portable powerhouse. 

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Nintendo Switch Controllers

Of course, your Nintendo Switch came bundled with two lovely Joy-Con controllers, but if you're anything like us you'll want to pick some more up for multiplayer action. We have some nice colour options for you below. Likewise the official Switch Pro controller is a must-have purchase for playing games when docked, again these can be found in a range of colours. Lastly we have the Super Nintendo styled 8bitdo controllers, which are fully compatible with the Switch and great for using with those Neo Geo games.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Accessories

You can pick up a whole plethora of accessories to go with your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con. Younger Mario Kart players will love popping their Joy-Con in a wheel attachment to challenge their friends. There are also more ways to keep your Joy-Con topped up with power than you can shake a stick at.

Nintendo Switch Cases

One of the greatest investments that you can make for your Nintendo Switch is a case to protect it when you are travelling. Here are some of our favourites, along with a nice HORI case for storing your game cards to boot.

Nintendo Switch Playstands

Let's be honest, the kickstand which flips out on the back of the Switch tablet allowing you to play games in tabletop mode is a bit flimsy. If you want a social game of Snipperclips on the train with a friend, we'd recommend getting a proper playstand for your Switch. The Nintendo Labo style mini arcade stand is a must-have also for retrogaming fiends.

Nintendo Switch Chargers

Do you ever worry about your Switch running out of charge at a critical moment in a game? We've got you covered. Battery packs are great to top up your Switch when you are on the move, in-car chargers are a must too, along with the classic AC wall adaptor for topping up your Switch quickly.

Nintendo Switch Micro SD Cards

Last but not least, you'll want to make sure your Switch has enough storage for all those lovely games which you'll be downloading. A micro SD card will give you a nice boost, we've listed three of the most popular options below, but be sure to check out our exhaustive Nintendo Switch Micro SD cards guide for even more ideas.

These are the Nintendo Switch accessories which we consider to be the most essential. Let us know which ones you already have or intend to pick up soon. Also be sure to leave a comment if there is a Switch accessory which we have missed that you absolutely adore.