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Which Metroid games are the best value/fun? the VC(NES/Super NES) metroids or Wii metroids?



Good value:
~ Metroid: Other M
~ Metroid Prime Trilogy
~ Super Metroid (SNES)

Not so good value:
~ Metroid Prime 3: Corruption .... you can have it on Trilogy
~ Metroid (NES) .... retro classic many don't find that fun anymore


Please note that Trilogy is rare and can't be found new anymore, while Other M has a mixed reception (I personally liked it).

Outside of the Wii, every colored handheld Metroid is a masterpiece. Especially Metroid: Zero Mission.

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I would say get Super Metroid, and Metroid Prime 3 or Triliogy. Trilogy goes for alot anywhere you look($30-$80 used), while 3 is for sale at GameStop for literally $5.


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Prime 3, Prime 1, and Zero Mission are my top favorites of the series. I'd pop 'em in any day! I personally say keep away from the horror that is Other M; but its a mixed opinion, obviously.



scottier wrote:

Which Metroid games are the best value/fun? the VC(NES/Super NES) metroids or Wii metroids?

Depends. Have you ever played a Metroid game before?

If not, I highly recommend Super Metroid and Metroid Prime for newcomers. Both can played on your Wii. How convenient.

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Metroid Prime 1 on the Gamecube is really difficult to beat. The last bosses are hell on earth even if you have found all energy and weapon upgrades. I would recommend Metroid Prime 3 because this is way easier than 1 and 2 on the GCN. Especially since you can play with the WiiRemote and Nunchuk.

If you prefer 2D games then I would recommend both Virtual Console games "Metroid" and "Super Metroid". The former is better than many people realize. It has the old NES charme and originality and everything that defines the Metroid series. It's the foundation for all following games and with 500 Wii-Points you can't do anything wrong.

(BTW: If you have Metroid Prime 1 for the Gamecube the original Metroid is included as a bonus game - but unfortunately you need a Gameboy Advance, a data link cable and Metroid Fusion to unlock it.)

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Super Metroid and Prime 1.

Super Metroid is the pinnacle of 2D Metroid, and Prime 1 is nearly perfect when it comes to recreating the Metroid formula for power-up based exploration in 3D... Prime 2 and 3 simply got progressively farther and farther from the exploration along the way to FPS imho.
Plus something is just off in Prime 2. It remains the only Metroid game (outside of Other M) that I just never could seem to finish...

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Prime 1/3

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scottier wrote:

Which Metroid games are the best value/fun? the VC(NES/Super NES) metroids or Wii metroids?

Out of the choices, Super Metroid is the best though Metroid Prime Trilogy has the most value (3 in 1 release).

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If you haven't played a Metroid game yet, I would stay far away from Other M. It might make you not want to try to the rest of the series

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Prime Trilogy is worth every penny you'll spend. I'd highly recommend that game to anyone any day. If you like action games, check out Metroid Other M. It has pretty good gameplay even if the story is a little weak.

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Metroid Fusion is awesome. Go for prime if you want a 3D metroid. If you want to go 2D though, go for Fusion. It's more lenair and straightforward than Metroid II. So It'll be easier to follow

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@Late: No one recommends Fusion because this thread is about the Virtual Console and Wii Metroids. Otherwise, I would also recommend Zero Mission.

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super metroid all the way, wait for the 30 pence dealio tho.

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