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  • News Developer Outlines Plans to Bring Swap Fire 2 to Nintendo Switch

    Building on the benefits of the original's Wii U giveaway

    Swap Fire was an intriguing 2016 arrival on the Wii U eShop - its clever hook to flip multiplayer shooter gameplay on its head was certainly worthy of note. We awarded a 6 in our review - we felt that it was a game that could have been great were it not for a few mis-steps and issues that can...

  • News Swap Fire Hops Up the Wii U eShop Charts, Helped by the Fact It's Free

    No need to swap credit for the download

    Swap Fire is one of a batch of interesting multiplayer-centric titles on the Wii U eShop, and the name provides a nice clue of the core idea at play. It's a shooter where positioning and manipulating the environment are key, and it has multiple modes. If you're in North America then you may have seen it pop...

  • News Swap Fire Update in the Works, Currently on Discount Ahead of Valentine's Day

    EU release also on the agenda

    The Wii U eShop has the tendency to throw up some surprising and clever games, and Swap Fire aimed to deliver just this in 2016. Primarily a local multiplayer game - though you can play it solo - its hook is that when you shoot an opponent you swap places with them, setting up the potential for some chaotic and...

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    Review Swap Fire

    Halt and swap fire

    It's an exciting time in the games industry. There are AAA games from big publishers, mid-tier downloadable games and even tiny indie experiences, all of which have the potential to be memorable, interesting experiences. Midnight Status has the makings of one such experience in Swap Fire, a first person shooter with an interesting...