Minifigure brawler LEGO Brawls is coming to Switch tomorrow (September 2nd) and publisher Bandai Namco has today released a new trailer, 'Minifigure Mania', which shows off the game's expansive customisation options.

Showing the Brawler Builder function in action, the new trailer shows how you will be able to customise every element of your fighter from their hats all the way down to their feet before throwing them into battle. Battling with your malicious minifigure will be the best way to unlock new parts — so why not do it in style?

With all of the different combinations, LEGO Brawls will offer over 77 trillion customisation options. Saying "the opportunities are endless" may sound like overkill, but we think that a number this high puts the character builder close enough.

If you want to keep it classic or become a dungaree-wearing skeleton boxer, LEGO Brawls looks set to provide some unique customisation options in the hopes of distancing it from an already crowded genre. Just be careful walking around barefoot with all those pieces on display.

What will your build look like? Share your minifigure fighter blueprints with us in the comments!

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