Four years ago, The Elder Scrolls VI was announced, with little more than a title and a bit of concept art. It's not a huge surprise that there's an Elder Scrolls sequel in the works at Bethesda — Skyrim is one of the most ubiquitous games out there, and it's even rumoured to be coming to Switch for a second time — but we have heard very little about it since its reveal in 2018.

Apparently, Bethesda's space game Starfield is the in-house priority, so executive producer Todd Howard has warned fans that they should be "very patient", especially since Starfield is looking to nab a 2023 release. But just days ahead of the Xbox/Bethesda showcase, Todd Howard said that Starfield is getting the "finishing touches", so it's not wholly unlikely that we'll get a glimpse of ESVI.

However, with Microsoft's purchase of Bethesda, the latter has said that their future games will be "on platforms where Game Pass exists." It's not looking good for Switch owners that want to get their mitts on a new Elder Scrolls, unfortunately.

What do you think? Will we get news of the new Elder Scrolls at this weekend's Xbox/Bethesda conference? Should we give up hope of it coming to Nintendo platforms? Tell us in the comments below.