The Witcher 3

With the inevitable next chapter in the Witcher video game series now confirmed to be in development, you might think that players have found absolutely every last secret from the last mainline Witcher title. A game as large as The Witcher 3 is bound to keep some secrets hidden away, sure, but it's been years since it launched and surely it's been picked absolutely clean, right?

Well, one such secret has been discovered nearly seven years after the game's initial launch in 2015. Granted, the discovery was made within the Blood and Wine DLC, which came out in 2016, so it's not quite been seven years, but still!

The secret itself revolves around a character called Vivienne de Tabris, who has been cursed to look like a bird. The curse can be lifted, but the resulting price will be that Vivienne's lifespan will equal that of a bird, which happens to be seven in-game years.

As discovered by @xLetalis, if Geralt were to meditate for the seven in-game years required, then Vivienne can indeed be found dead within her home. It's a pretty cool — if a little morbid — easter egg that shows just how much thought CD Projekt Red put into the game.

The video that demonstrates the secret can be viewed below. Phillip Weber, acting Lead Quest Designer for The Witcher 3, praised the discovery in a retweet; previously, Phillip had hinted at the secret during a company charity stream.

Have you since discovered this little easter egg in The Witcher 3? What are you favourite game secrets? Let us know in the usual place.