SNK has revealed that its upcoming 40th Anniversary Collection - which includes a splattering of the company's early arcade hits - will host all three games in the Ikari Warriors Trilogy.

Ikari Warriors had players assuming the roles of two super-strong, muscly men named Ralf Jones and Clark Steel, helping them to blast down enemy forces in a South American jungle to save their commanding officer. After the success of this first title, two more entries in the series took Ralf and Clark on further adventures - Victory Road and Ikari III: The Rescue.

Each title changed up the gameplay, with Victory Road focusing on the use of guns and explosives, and Ikari III: The Rescue giving players more hand-to-hand combat to get stuck into. Now, Switch owners will be able to explore all three titles when the Anniversary Collection launches this November.

In a lovely touch, the trailer above also reveals that both the arcade and console versions will be present for each title, giving players the chance to indulge in whichever particular taste of nostalgia they feel like at any given time.


Remember, SNK 40th Anniversary Collection launches in North America on 13th November, while European players will get it just after on the 16th. Are you looking forward to this one?