Nintendo Switch

One of the features of the Switch that has drawn a lot of positive reception (and perhaps a bit of negative, too) is the shiny, new OS that launched alongside it. Nintendo's track record in OS design has been… functional, to put it nicely. Though the software running platforms like the Wii U and 3DS was certainly capable, it tended to chug along at a rather slow pace. That's all gone with the Switch OS, which is smooth like butter, but some detractors have noted that the Switch OS is a bit anemic.

Well, now the first post-launch update has finally gone live and it brought with it the hottest new feature that the fans have been crying out for since launch: stability. By our reckoning, the Switch has still got quite a way to go until it can reach 3DS levels of unshakable stability, but hey, at least Nintendo is getting started early. Here are the full patch notes:

General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience

Those notes are a real doozy, so drop whatever you're doing and go ensure that your Switch is stable.

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