Aperion Cyberstorm.jpg

Aperion Cyberstorm for the Wii U eShop now has a 2016 release, but it's certainly one to watch for fans of twin-stick shoot 'em up action. We recently went hands on in a survival mode and came away rather impressed, and it could certainly fill a gap in the Wii U library.

Developer aPriori Digital has now released some fresh footage of the in-development game, this time showing off the Onslaught mode. Unlike the survival mode we played where it was all about progressing through waves of attacks, the target in this is to rack up big points by accumulating multipliers. The studio's Jonathan Price has said the following about Onslaught.

Onslaught mode pits you and four of your friends into a survival against waves of enemies. Using quick wits and expert flying skill, aim to get the highest scores. Each kill increases your multiplier, and each hit resets it to zero.

The more waves you beat, the more stars you get which go towards unlocking more maps for you to claim the highest scores on. Good luck!

It's a short trailer but gives a taste of the gameplay and the varied arenas included. Check it out and let us know what you think.