Shovel Knight Update

When the Shovel Knight Kickstarter campaign propelled Yacht Club Games to early success a number of stretch goals were hit, and therefore committed the developer to key updates. The studio has stuck to its task of bringing out the Plague of Shadows content as a free update, and it's now available to download on Wii U and 3DS.

Activating the update should happen automatically when you boot up the game, and it brings a host of new options. In addition to the Plague of Shadows campaign - a heavily tweaked version of the core Shovel Knight game - there are a load of tough stages available in the Challenge Mode. Below is an excerpt of details from an email sent to Kickstarter backers.

Plague of Shadows Campaign:

  • See your favorite game from a new point of view.
  • Play through Shovel Knight's quest, but as the explosive trickster Plague Knight with new gameplay and story.
  • Explode onto the scene as Plague Knight!
  • Use explosives, bomb jumps, and alchemy to blast your way through the game in a whole new way!
  • Combine casing, fuses, powders to create your favorite bomb. Customize your jump and arcana and discover all 9,720 attack combinations!
  • Find new armors, secrets, collectibles, easter eggs, and more!
  • Master Plague Knight's mobility to defeat new bosses!
  • Discover brand new areas and new paths through the classic levels! Use your arcana in challenging new side areas!
  • Learn more of the background story behind the beloved characters in the village and the villainous Order of No Quarter.
  • Is your science up to snuff? Take on Plague Knight specific challenges with new Feats!

Challenge Mode

  • 10 Shovel Knight Courses: timed challenges, puzzles, enemy survival, and intense platforming!
  • 5 Plague Knight Challenges: Prove you're the master of Plague Knight's new bag of tricks!
  • 32 Boss Challenges: Revisit the boss fights as Plague Knight and Shovel Knight under new conditions – low health, limited weapons, time limits, and higher stakes!

Both new modes certainly offer plenty of challenge, which should keep players with fast reactions busy for a while.

If you have Shovel Knight check out the update and let us know what you think.