It's with some hesitation that we're sharing the happy news that a Resident Evil 2 Remake has, after much demand, been confirmed. Our hesitation is simply due to the fact that some handsome recent remasters in the series have been skipping Wii U, but tomorrow is another day and timelines may bring hope for Nintendo gamers.

Announced by Producer "H" in a short video below (be sure to select Subtitles/CC), it's interesting that it's being branded as 'Remake' and not as a HD remaster.

It seems that the only real work to date has been on initial concept planning and the title graphic in that video, as it was confirmed in the related Facebook post that Producer H "received an outcome of the Project Proposal a couple of days ago…"

It's early days, then, and it'll be intriguing to see what shape this'll take; no real detail has been given yet and it'll be "some time" before official updates are given. Some, for example, hope there'll be a HD version with the original's fixed camera in addition to a Resident Evil 4-style re-imagining. Resi 2 has a special place in the hearts of some Nintendo gamers, remember, courtesy of the technical marvel of the N64 port and a subsequent GameCube version.

If this game is a while away it'll be interesting to see if it makes it to Wii U or, more likely, whether it'll arrive on Nintendo's NX platform.

We shall see.