Nintendo has recently shared a very short teaser for Sony's upcoming Pixels movie across its social networking accounts, and have asked the audience as to which big N icon they could spot.

Looking across all the comments, many seem to think it's Pac-Man due to his obvious appearance towards the end of the snippet. However, it wasn't long before the die-hard Nintendo fans began to surface and educate those unaware of the fact that the yellow chomper is indeed property of Namco Bandai. So just who is the mystery star?

SPOILER ALERT (head past these two lines if you want to see it for yourself without knowing). It's very brief, but if you ignore the deceiving pixel blocks you'll spot Donkey Kong's hands and feet - moving in a way only a gorilla can!

Now that you've found out one way or another, take a look at this awesome art of pixel DK destroying the city with (what else) barrels!

Pixels DK