Warning: spoilers below

Hyrule Warriors isn't a game that takes itself too seriously; take the plot, for example, which blends saving the world with a somewhat tenuous concept that ties multiple generations of Legend of Zelda characters together. It's all about the action, and whether you're playing as Link or Ganondorf, crushing heroes or villains, it's a fun experience.

It's against that backdrop of lighthearted fun that this unlockable boss character emerges. Like any unlockable this is a spoiler, so we hope you've heeded our warnings.


If you get an A rank on the third Ganon survival mission, you unlock a giant Cucco as a playable character. It's as ridiculous and glorious as it sounds, with video below from YouTuber moccos-tan Isedelica.

This is both surprising and, on one level, to be expected. As you can see the Cucco is hugely destructive and effective, and as you may recall from E3 2014 Eiji Aonuma and colleagues from Koei Tecmo talked up the role of Cuccos in the game. Whether this playable unlock was planned at that stage is unclear; for giggles, below is the related video of Aonuma-san doing a Cucco dance.

Have you unlocked the Cucco yet in Hyrule Warriors? Are you rushing to do so now? Let us know.