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We've been fortunate enough to spend some time, recently, with Super Mario 3D World, which we've rather enjoyed so far. In our preview last week we also said the following to reassure those with a taste for orchestral music in their Mario games, a practice that hit its peak in the Super Mario Galaxy games.

There's also orchestrated music, much to our delight — whether this is performed by an orchestra or a skilfully executed 'synthetic' orchestra seems irrelevant when you can't always tell the difference. There are flashes of retro tracks, but the new themes are catchy, at times even jazzy, and perfectly suited to the action.

Some tracks do undoubtedly sound like a real orchestra, and the title's lead composer Mahito Yokota has now confirmed as much in an interview with Destructoid.

There are naturally a lot of tracks performed live. We're arranging the music with a big-band feel, taking advantage of a full horn section with trumpets and saxophones.

We've certainly enjoyed a lot of the music in the game to date. How important is a soundtrack to you in a Mario game, and is it a big deal to you that there are some pieces performed by a live orchestra? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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