Gamelion Studios is bringing its popular mobile game SpeedX 3D to the 3DS eShop.

The tunnel racer has racked up over 10 million downloads on iOS, Android and other operating systems, and a new version is on the way to 3DS later this year.

The concept is simple: race as far as possible down a brightly coloured — psychedelic, even — tunnel, which is sure to make the most of the console's 3D display.

Gamelion is submitting the game for Nintendo of Europe approval soon, so we expect to find out more in the coming weeks.

SpeedX 3D – a 3D version of the highly popular endless tunnel racer – announced and detailed.
3D version of endless tunnel racer SpeedX by Gamelion coming to the Nintendo eShop.

Sunnyvale, CA – February 10th, 2011 - Gamelion ( announces today that SpeedX 3D is coming soon to Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS™.

Since its debut SpeedX has been downloaded over 10 millions time on multiple mobile platforms and is now heading to the Nintendo 3DS.

About SpeedX 3D

SpeedX 3D for Nintendo 3DS is stunning tunnel racer that tests player’s skill and transport him or her into a trans filled with great electronic music and hypnotic graphics. SpeedX 3D offers four game modes introducing player to more and more challenging places at speed that increases with every second. The question is: how far can the player go without losing the concentration?

Thanks to Nintendo 3DS power SpeedX 3D will immerse anyone into a dynamic world full of traps, leaps, tight corners, broad areas on random generated tracks. With graphics adjusted to the platform and smooth performance SpeedX 3D is one of the most addictive endless racing game to hit Nintendo 3DS.


Four game modes – survival, stages and extreme survival will test even the most experience players
Speed beyond the limits – first person view and 3D effects immerse the player into the game’s world and deliver brand new emotions
Start small – perfect learning curve will introduce new players and hold the most advanced ones.