The business industry loves buzzwords and hooks, Perrin Kaplan, Nintendo of America's vice president, marketing and corporate affairs, has come up with something. We all know the direction Nintendo is heading in at the moment, but here's what Kaplan came up with when talking to Forbes.com.

"Inside Nintendo, we call our strategy Blue Ocean," explains Kaplan. "This is in contrast to a Red Ocean. Seeing a Blue Ocean is the notion of creating a market where there initially was none, going out where nobody has yet gone. Red Ocean is what our competitors do, heated competition where sales are finite and the product is fairly predictable. We’re making games that are expanding our base of consumers in Japan and America. Yes, those who’ve always played games are still playing, but we’ve got people who’ve never played to start loving it with titles like Nintendogs, Animal Crossing and Brain Games. These games are Blue Ocean in action."

Seems Nintendo have created themselves a nice little buzzword for what we're seeing, Revolution will no doubt bring lots more, unusual, creative titles.

[via n-sider.com]