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Analogue Interactive Unveils The Super-Exclusive Black Label Neo Geo CMVS

Posted by Damien McFerran

In any choice of wood you want

We're big fans of Analogue Interactive's work, having already covered the Wooden Neo Geo CMVS and CMVS Slim. The company's craftmanship is simply second to none, and if you're in the market for a Neo Geo console and have plenty of cash to spare, we cannot recommend them enough.

Just on the off-chance that one of the world's most legendary consoles encased in wood wasn't fancy enough for you, Analogue Interactive is now offering the Black Label service. This gets you the same high-quality CMVS system, two similarly awesome arcade sticks, solid brass product tags on each piece of hardware and — wait for it — your choice of wood from hundreds of options.

If this has grabbed your interest, head over to the Analogue Interactive Black Label site and register your interest. And remember — it's good with wood.


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Zombie_Barioth said:

Man, thats awesome. I think all of the classic (last gen) and retro consoles would look great made from wood if done right.

I just love the look of real wood.



luminalace said:

If I was rich (read: not poor) I would be all over this! Infact I wood get one



ogo79 said:

seen these before, my only problem i have is that im looking for someone to make me a solid 24 karat gold one covered in vvs clarity 20 point green diamonds from brazil, none of those fake lab-made diamonds you see on tv. i know 24 karat gold dents easily because its pure gold, but if it does, that just gives me an excuse to get another one made.



TheRealThanos said:

@Omega That is very nicely done, but quite a big difference with Analogue Interactive's offering, since the Xbox is only a sculpture, not a working console.

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