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Neo Geo CMVS Gets Ebony Wood

Posted by James Newton

Ash in your face

Fans of the wooden Neo Geo MVS we featured a few months back might be pleased to know that Analogue has tweaked its design, shaving the machine a little thinner and offering it in ebonised ash.

Analogue has also recreated the machine's iconic arcade stick in a nice woody finish too, perfect for times when
playing SNK Arcade Classics vol. 1 on Wii just doesn't cut it.

Pre-orders are open now.

We are very excited to announce, 4 brand spanking new products.

We have redesigned the original Walnut CMVS and replaced it with the latest Analogue CMVS Slim, now offered in ebonized ash. We took the great design of the original CMVS Slim, crafted it out of ebonized ash, slimmed it down, and reduced all video and audio outputs to one single minimal jack. With its slimmer design, its new 3/4 inch round over, and finally an arcade stick that gives Neo Geo the justice it deserves — the Analogue CMVS Slim is the greatest CMVS yet.

The Analogue Arcade Stick was a vision we had from day one. We wanted to create the holy grail of all Neo Geo arcade sticks. So we started by designing it to utilize the exact same authentic Seimitsu Japanese parts found in original Neo Geo arcade cabinets. Moreover, we use the identical ergonomic Japanese button layout used on Neo Geo cabinets.

Not only is it as true-to-the Neo Geo as possible, but it works with every single Neo Geo home console ever made.

  • Analogue CMVS Slim
  • Analogue Arcade Stick (ebonized ash)
  • Walnut CMVS Slim
  • Walnut Analogue Arcade Stick


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coolvw93 said:

where can i get this? i want to add it into my collection of gaming consoles.



JamieO said:

The design of each of Analogue Interactive's wooden MVS consoles is wonderfully plush, I would find it really hard to choose which one to buy if I had saved up £415 ($649).

On the one hand, the darker tone of the Ash reminds me more of a Neo Geo AES, but on the other I love the grain showing through the wood in the Walnut version.

I think that their slimmed down casing looks great and both of the Arcade Sticks look class.

This is retro elegance, right here.



Omega said:

Sorry, but what has it to do with Nintendo? Why no coverage about the new Panasonic NNSD997S stainless steel microwave oven?



gamest said:

This could have been exciting.

Several buzkillers:

A: $649. Seriously?

B: Try visiting their website and contacting them. If you're using FireFox, you might not see the "Contact Us" form at all.

C: A 60-day warranty? That's it? Do they have so little faith in their expensive product that they're not willing to guarantee its performance for more than 60 days? For me, right there, that is a deal-killer.

D: You have to buy a special, custom cable if you want the machine to output component video. Component video is an industry standard. We shouldn't need to fork over even more money to connect this thing via component cable. Weak.

$150 with a one-year warranty, and I'm there. And I'd be excited to buy it at that price. But this deal is no deal at all.

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