Shakedown: Hawaii, the successor to Vblank Entertainment's open world retro game parody Retro City Rampage, will finally see a Switch release on 7th May after slipping from its initial projected release way back in 2017. Vblank has has released two new trailers to get you back in the mood.

From the look of the videos (see below for the general overview trailer), it takes all the violence and mayhem of Retro City Rampage, adds another helping and turns everything up to 16-bit. Taking control of three characters, you'll be shaping the neighbourhood to your liking as you build a corporation using a wide variety of underhanded (and usually ridiculously violent) tactics. As you can see, you'll take in a range of environments and vehicles with the ultimate goal of running the entire island by hook or by crook.

A 3DS version is also still in the works, although that won't be arriving until a later date. Vblank promises that it will support both the original 3DS and the 'New' variant, though - good news for anybody still rocking Nintendo's previous handheld.

After such a long wait it's great to see Shakedown: Hawaii finally get a solid date - especially one so soon. Did you enjoy the 8-bit stylings of Retro City Rampage? How does this grab you? Drop us a comment below.