From Finnish indie developer Antti Vaihia, Tunnel of Doom will launch on Nintendo Switch on 23rd December, it's been announced.

The game is a top-down roguelite action title that blends tower defence strategy with hands-on combat. You'll be exploring a monster-infested mine, setting traps and building up your defences before battling the waves of creatures intent on stopping you in your tracks. Here's some PR to set the scene:

Tunnel of Doom is an action rogue-lite hybrid that mixes tower defense with melee and ranged combat gameplay. Randomly generated, every run is different as you guide Angel on a quest to rescue her husband. Gather resources, discover perks, and use what you find to battle waves of monsters.

Key features:
Set Traps: It’s you against the hordes! Boost your chances of success and survival by strategically positioning cannons and barricades before battles begin.
- Gather Resources: Smash lamps. Destroy crates. Blow up rocks. Search the mine for materials that can be used as makeshift weapons or ammunition for traps.
- Weapon Combat: If your revolver or rifle ammo is running low… improvise! Throw rocks or glass. Swing your pickaxe. Break out the TNT. Do what it takes to avoid being mobbed by the monsters!
- Find Perks: Better traps. Improved weapons. More resources. There are 50 perks to discover, each offering an array of stat boosts and gameplay tweaks.
- Randomly Generated: The layout of the mine, perks, and monster battles change with each new game, meaning every run is different!
- Dream Mode: Escape the mine to unlock this new, endless challenge.

If you're interested in picking this one up, it'll be priced at $13.99 but will launch with a 10% discount for a limited time. That 23rd December release date has us thinking that this could be a decent time to spend the holidays if you're craving something new.

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