The Way of Wrath is an upcoming RPG that's planned to launch for Nintendo Switch in 2022, publisher Hooded Horse has confirmed.

Developed by Animmal, the game is set during the Bronze Age and throws players into a story where you and your allies have just faced a devastating defeat at war overseas. Your job is to rebuild your derelict fort, unify your people and try to survive the oncoming invasion – which is where things get particularly interesting.

You see, for ten in-game days, you'll need to explore the game's world, secure resource sites, gather allies, and sabotage enemy camps; when the ten days are up, you'll experience a "climactic siege finale" where all of your efforts are put to the test in one final battle.

There's a character creation suite available to design your avatar, a survival system which involves hunting for supplies and setting up resource camps around the map, and even a "deep diplomacy system" where tribes can be allied with or waged war against.

Speaking about the game's new publishing deal with Hooded Horse, Animmal CEO Dato Kiknavelidze says, "We have put our hearts and souls into this project. We're very excited about this partnership as Hooded Horse has a very unique and developer-friendly approach. They are RPG and strategy gamers at heart, and we instantly clicked with their team."

Intrigued? We'll make sure to keep an eye out for more news on this one as we head into the new year, but feel free to share your early thoughts with us in the comments below.