Gamedec© Anshar Studios

Anshar Studios has confirmed that its forthcoming isometric cyberpunk RPG Gamedec will be coming to Nintendo Switch in 2021

The RPG was funded via Kickstarter in April, tripling its $50,000 goal to raise over $170,000. However, that wasn't enough to hit the Switch stretch goal – but it doesn't matter, because Anshar has decided to bring the game to Nintendo fans regardless.

Gamedec is billed as an RPG where "every decision is important and comes with consequences." As you play, the game world adapts to changes which means "the consequences of your choices can be immediate, long-term, or stay hidden, surfacing only when you least expect them." However, there's no right or wrong way to play; whichever course you take, the game will "remain neutral, without judging your choices or suggesting 'better' options."

Gamedec doesn't have a solid release date beyond being confirmed for 2021, but the fact that it's coming to Switch is something to be happy about; it's shaping up to be a solid companion piece to that other big upcoming cyberpunk epic.