After a PEGI rating dating back to August last year suggested Graveyard Keeper would be surfacing on the Switch, tinyBuild has now confirmed the medieval cemetery management sim, developed by Lazy Bear Games, is indeed on its way to Nintendo's hybrid platform.

The announcement is about as weird as they come, with a tweet and video informing players to head down to PAX East 2019 to play Graveyard Keeper on the Switch in an actual coffin.

As we previously noted, the game requires players to manage their own graveyard while taking advantage of all the resources at their disposal to expand into other ventures. The game raises ethical dilemmas and includes plenty of gathering, crafting and questing. Like all respectable medieval-themed games, there is also the chance to explore mysterious dungeons and discover new alchemy ingredients to poison the entire village.

Take a look at the original launch trailer at the top of the page and tell us if you would be interested in playing this game.