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I have been a Nintendo fan for a long time now, and been quite dedicated to buying their new consoles and games, and so far the Switch has probably been the least impressive in terms of hardware, as we have seen with various issues recently (ex: the cracking of the back plates and tops). Today, I would like to bring to your attention a new problem and ask if anyone else has run into it.

I haven't had my Switch for long, as I wasn't able to buy one at launch, and I have been very careful at keeping it safe from misuse. But recently, despite my efforts, the paint on my neon red/blue Joy Cons have been eaten away (turning black and bumpy) at by what seems to be caused by sweat. I attempted to wipe it away gently with a damp cloth, but no luck. A similar issue is happening to the back plate of the Switch where the texture is getting bumpy as well.
Please comment if you've had similar issues with your console.



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