Yoshi - Timeline

Thursday23rd Jan 2014

  • News Yoshi's New Island Hatches in Europe on 14th March

    Nintendo UK offers Yoshi Egg Game Case as pre-order bonus

    Update: Nintendo UK has now clarified that the Yoshi Egg Game Case pre-order bonus will be available from GAME. Original Article: Not too long ago Nintendo of America announced, as a rather casual aside in a broader press release, that Yoshi's New Island will arrive in the region on 14th...

Friday28th Jun 2013

  • First Impressions Yoshi's New Island

    A bad egg?

    The 3DS has been having the time of its short lifespan in 2013, and it's never felt like this before. Rubbish jokes based on '80s songs aside, it's been a glorious six months for the handheld, with some exceptional games already on the market and more on the way. With monster hits like Pokémon X & Y and The Legend of Zelda: A Link...

Thursday13th Jun 2013

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    Wii U eShop / NES

    Review Yoshi

    Not very eggciting

    With so many tile-matching games available on so many different gaming platforms, it’s surprising to see that, despite the Wii U launching six months ago, there have yet to be any released on the new console. Nintendo has finally decided to fill that empty gap with the Virtual Console release of Yoshi, an NES era puzzler...

Wednesday23rd Jan 2013

Thursday17th Jan 2013

  • News New Club Nintendo Reward In The Form Of A Yoshi Cleaning Cloth

    Will cost you 400 coins

    North American Club Nintendo members have a new addition to their catalogue - a Yoshi Cleaning Cloth, costing you 400 of your precious coins. The 250x183 green polkadot polyester cloth features our favourite dinosaur, and there's only a limited quantity of these on offer. So like our green friend, you best stick your tongues out...

Wednesday28th Nov 2012

  • Rumour Yoshi's Land Coming To Wii U

    Best Buy product page outs potential sequel

    Yesterday, retailer Best Buy Canada leaked the existence of the Wii Mini - a smaller, cheaper (and arguably less useful) version of the Wii console which was officially confirmed by Nintendo hours later. It would appear that Best Buy isn't done with letting cats out of bags, and has published a product...

Sunday15th Jan 2012

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    3DS eShop / GBA

    Review Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island

    Drawing you in

    Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi’s Island joined a Nintendo tradition of re-releasing classic titles for a new audience. Bringing an iconic Super Nintendo platformer to the Game Boy Advance seemed perfectly apt, with the handheld more than capable of 16-bit standard visuals. The question remains, is this port worth playing today?...

Sunday23rd Aug 2009

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    Review Yoshi's Island DS

    A decent game sullied mainly by its overshadowing predecessor

    Following a critically-acclaimed title like Yoshi's Island, the immediate question that most will ask after learning the existence of Yoshi's Island DS will be: is it better than the original? Actually, scratch that: anyone who has played through the sublime SNES platformer will know what...

Tuesday18th Sep 2007

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    Wii Virtual Console / Nintendo 64

    Review Yoshi's Story

    Not Yoshi's finest hour

    Remember Yoshi's Island on the Super NES? That awesome platformer that swapped the roles and made Yoshi the main hero with (Baby) Mario being the sidekick? It's become iconic, but this is perhaps the first "real" Yoshi game (Mario isn't in the name and he's barely seen in the game) and it does things a bit differently. The...

Wednesday26th Jul 2006

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    Review Yoshi Touch & Go

    Touching is good!

    Yoshi Touch & Go was an early title for the DS. The game centres on getting the highest score possible, making it feel like an arcade game. With other excellent selections for the DS with much more depth though, this game has been overlooked by many. However, it isn't all that bad. The game starts out with you controlling baby...