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  • News Latest Figures Show The Video Game Market Is Contracting

    Satoru Iwata briefs investors and reveals many challenges for the industry

    Nintendo is certainly having a good old time in Japan. The 3DS is dominating hardware sales in the region, so much so it has already surpassed the 10 million sales mark. However, things aren't looking as rosy in the overseas markets, namely the US and Europe, where Nintendo's...

  • Talking Point The Legend of Zelda: Remakes of the Past

    Majora's Mask 3D, anyone?

    The recent announcement of The Wind Waker HD for Wii U was met with a great deal of excitement not just here on Nintendo Life, but across social networks and other websites. It's a title that has a passionate, loyal following, and the prospect of an enhanced version prompted plenty of conversations about just what...

  • News Wii U Price Cut Isn't in Nintendo's Plans

    Iwata: "I would like to make this point absolutely clear"

    Following the announcement of the latest financial results for Nintendo, Satoru Iwata addressed a number of issues in a subsequent briefing, some of which we've already reported. Naturally, Wii U was a major part of the presentation, with data presented by the Nintendo President that showed...

  • News TiVo And Google Maps Functionality For Wii U Hit By Delay

    Both slip from January to "early 2013"

    TVii is one of the Wii U's biggest selling points in North America, but the service hasn't had the best of starts. It didn't launch with the machine and wasn't up and running until December. Even then, it lacked TiVo - something that Nintendo insisted would be coming this month. It now turns out that TiVo...

  • News NBA 2K13 Demo Now Available In The Euro Wii U eShop

    Hoopin' and hollerin'

    NBA 2K13 has been available in North America since the very start of the Wii U's existence. Europe had to wait a little longer to shoot some hoops, with the game being released earlier this month. Europe has also had to wait longer for a demo, something that's been in the North American Wii U eShop for a while. Well worry not...

  • News Oliver and Spike: Dimension Jumpers Pencilled In For Wii U

    "Ratchet & Clank meets Zelda meets Uncharted"

    Norwegian developer Rock Pocket Games is working on a new project called Oliver and Spike: Dimension Jumpers, and it intends to bring it to Wii U as well as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The colourful 3D exploration puzzler features a world full of dimensions, and the happenings in each one influences...

  • Rumour Sniper Elite V2 Coming To Wii U March 21st

    Taking aim

    It would seem that World War II sniping simulation Sniper Elite V2 is making its way to the Wii U. US store GameStop has listed the game on its site, as has Amazon US. Amazon even goes as far as to list the release date as March 21st - clearly the retailer knows something that we don't.

  • News Don't Worry, There's A Cavalcade Of Fan-Favorite Wii U and 3DS Games Incoming

    The only way is up

    Sectors of the gaming press would have you believe that Nintendo is in serious trouble. From revised earnings to poor Wii U sales, the outlook isn't as bright as we'd hope. However, in an statement to investors, Nintendo has issued a bullish assurance that from March onwards, things are going to change: Beginning in March and...

  • News Call of Duty: Black Ops II Wii U Update Hits A Rocky Patch

    Pun absolutely intended

    A short while ago, Activision confirmed that the Call of Duty: Black Ops II patch would be coming to the Wii U later this month. However, that prediction might prove to be incorrect, as it would appear that Activision is experiencing some problems getting the update ready for deployment. Here's what has been posted on the...

  • Review Madden NFL 13 (Wii U)

    Still solid after all these years

    It's hard to believe that it's been 25 years since the first Madden Football release, and given that the game has been released on pretty much every gaming platform imaginable over the years, it was pretty much a given we'd see a release on Nintendo's new console. While Madden NFL 13 on the Wii U has lost a bit of...

  • Feature Reimagining The Wind Waker on Wii U

    The possibilities are exciting

    Leaving Nintendo’s Space World presentation in 2001, few would have imagined that of all the games shown, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker would become a watershed moment for the company. Panned by some fans and critics alike for its cel-shaded look, the game has since arguably become a symbol of how to create a...

  • News So, How Is The Wii U Doing In The UK?

    Could do better?

    Although those who have purchased the Wii U - us included - are perfectly happy with the system, experts and analysts want cold, hard numbers to prove how well a new piece of hardware is doing. And sadly, in the case of the Wii U, those figure are a little on the depressing side. Eurogamer has conduced its own investigation into...

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