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    Review The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD

    I have come to play!

    It's been the generation of remakes for The Legend of Zelda. The main entries from the N64 and GameCube have now all been given the remaster treatment, though many will think of this title as a Wii game. A decade on from its original waggle-heavy release, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD gives a second chance to one of...

  • News Enjoy the Madness of the CoroCoro Splatoon Manga For Free

    Admire the artwork online

    CoroCoro Magazine often has some handsome exclusives and details in Japan, the latest of which is a Splatoon manga series. The inky shooter has gone from strength to strength in less than a year on the market, rapidly becoming a popular franchise - with all the licensing and merchandise that can entail - for Nintendo...

  • Video Watch Pokémon Get Juggled in This Pokkén Tournament Combo Showcase


    While the standard flashy marketing trailers are steadily rolling out for the upcoming release of Pokkén Tournament, Nintendo UK is keeping its capture device busy in order to produce its own run of videos. It's kicked off a Countdown Clash series, but has also clearly been working on other videos to show the game off. The latest is a combo...