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  • News Picdun 2: Witch’s Curse Heading For Europe

    Buxom ladies ahoy

    Back in August 2012, dungeon crawler Dungeon RPG Picdun 2 was released in Japan on DSiWare. It appears the game is heading to Europe under the guise of Picdun 2: Witch’s Curse, as it has received a PEGI rating, the European age rating system. Picdun 2: Witch's Curse has three main characters: a magical girl, a whip-welding woman...

  • News Monster World IV Coming to Virtual Console in Europe

    PEGI rating seals the deal

    In February we brought you news that Monster World IV was finally coming Westward, according to a rating by the Australian OFLC, and there was much rejoicing. Now the European rating board PEGI has got in on the act, rating the game for Virtual Console in Europe. Naturally there's no specific release date yet, but the fact it's been rated for Virtual Console alone is..

  • News Ghost Mania Coming To Haunt WiiWare Soon

    Yet another puzzle game to download

    To date, Legendo has been bringing a different genre to the table with every WiiWare title it has released. First there was the 2009 platformer The Three Musketeers: One For All!, and then a year later, there was the episodic debut of World War II shooter Pearl Harbor Trilogy - 1941: Red Sun Rising. Well, things are not about to change as the Sweden-based studio..

  • News Cricket Challenge, Rated and Spinning Towards WiiWare Service

    A gentleman's game

    GameShastra is India's largest games services company (apparently) and has had its upcoming cricket game rated by the Pan European Game Information ratings board, bowling its way to a WiiWare release. Formerly announced as Balle Baaz, Cricket Challenge will be the first cricket game to launch on the download service. The developer's last release on a Nintendo platform ―..

  • News Chillingo Contaminating Our Download Services with Sneezies

    Uh oh, we're in trouble...something's come along...

    It seems the relatively compact nature of a Nintendo download game is proving to be an enticing prospect for developers who have worked on titles for the iPhone (and the plethora of electronics that begin with a lower-case 'i'), and the publisher of the WiiWare and DSiWare versions of Dracula:...

  • News Rabbids Recall Retracted

    Rabbids Go Home stamped with new, higher rating

    A few weeks ago we hit you with the big news that Ubisoft's Rabbid adventure was facing recall from select UK retailers due to "potentially offensive content." Now you'll be pleased to hear Rabbids Go Home has reappeared on shop shelves with a new, higher PEGI 12 rating. Considering the...

  • News Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Coming to Virtual Console?

    Could the King of Pop make his Wii debut soon?

    The PEGI has been a bit quiet for a while, as they tend not to add ratings to their site until the games in question have actually been released. Today, however, one game slipped through the cracks, and it's not an insignificant one either. A Virtual Console listing for Michael Jackson's Moonwalker has...

  • News UK Games Rating System To Get Simpler

    PEGI to become the standard in Great Britain

    For those of you unlucky enough to live outside of these sceptered isles, you may be confused by the two game classifications systems currently in place. Well, you can count your lucky stars, as the British Government has announced that PEGI - that's Pan-European Game Information, folks - is to become the...

  • News PEGI and ESRB Update: Last Ninja 3, Enduro Racer and More

    A double whammy today, as both the PEGI and the ESRB have rated some new VC games! And not only do they reconfirm already confirmed games, they also reveal two new games.

    While there was absolutely no doubt Last Ninja 3 would be hitting VC (As the first and second game are both out in Europe) the PEGI has now confirmed our suspicions by rating it...