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  • Video We Take A Look At The Hidden Mario Golf Game That Didn't Star Mario

    Does Mario Golf need Mario to be good?

    Camelot Software Planning has been in the business for decades. Initially known as Sonic! Software Planning, it delivered the seminal Shining Force series. The company would later split from Sega and land a deal with Sony to develop the very first Everybody's Golf. With both sports and RPGs under its hat,...

  • News Spoiler Alert, The Next Pokémon Games Have Leaked

    Update: And it was all true

    Update: Both of the leaked games mentioned in our original article have now been officially confirmed. Visit here for official details on Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, and here for the open-world

  • Video How Pokémon Snap Replaced Its Blockbuster Collaboration On Wii & Wii U

    Next slide please, professor

    With New Pokémon Snap on the horizon, we can be sure many of you are itching to share the various photos you take around the new Lental region, but things weren't always so simple in the olden days. The original Pokémon Snap had quite a marketing campaign when it launched in 1999; in collaboration with Blockbuster...

  • Video Super Mario 3D Land Deserves to Be Remembered

    It's like Mario's jumping right at me

    There's understandably a spotlight on Super Mario 3D World with its impending Switch port but we shouldn't forget what came before. 3D Land may be the better selling game but it simply doesn't have the same prominence in conversation and is largely seen as the lesser of the two. We're not here to compare them...

  • Video 5 Special Wii U Virtual Console Games Not on Switch

    These games went above and beyond simple preservation

    For years the Virtual Console allowed us to relive our fondest memories in gaming. Being able to download The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and play it in its original untouched state held a tremendous amount of value...but sometimes the service went above and beyond. Did you know Super Mario...

  • Video 7 Legacy Sonic Games That Were Never Rereleased

    When you run fast sometimes you outrun a second chance

    There was a time where Sega made a significant effort to preserve their legacy titles which would allowed new fans to experience games even if they're predate by them. Fast forward to modern day and the company only seems interested in rereleasing Sonic 1 & 2 on every platform imaginable...

  • Video 13 Great Wii U Games Still Not on Switch

    Still some survivors aboard

    It's no secret that Switch has nabbed a large chunk of Wii U's biggest titles such as Mario Kart 8, Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World and many, many more...but there's still a number of games that remain exclusive to Wii U. We didn't just want to highlight any old games though, these 13 are legitimately fantastic and we hope...

  • Video Join Us For A Complete Series History Of Panel De Pon, With ScottTheWoz And Shesez

    Panel de Puzzle Attack (we're pretty sure that's the name) turns 25!

    On this day 25 years ago, Japan was introduced to one of Nintendo's greatest and most competitive offerings - Panel de Pon... however you may know it as Puzzle League or even Tetris Attack (despite it having nothing to do with Tetris). The series has been far from consistent with...

  • Random Steve's Smash Bros. Side Special Is Super Cheap

    Minecraft's Minecart

    We're always cautious not to label characters as "Overpowered" when they've been with us for less than 24 hours. That's not what we're doing. Steve has been a well-rounded technical fighter and is an utter blast to play around with...but his side special can be positively deadly. On paper it isn't too different to Bowser Jr's,...

  • Video 21 Best Switch Games for Under $5

    Good games, happy wallet

    Video games can be an expensive hobby and you never know how long it's going to take for one to go on sale. With the holidays right around the corner, there's no better time to ease off and give some cheaper games your attention. We haven't just selected any ol' random games, we've ensured all the titles here are actually...

  • Video Donkey Kong '94 - The 101 Level Sequel to Arcade DK

    It's on like (101 stages of) Donkey Kong

    Nintendo's legacy owes so much to the original Donkey Kong; after all, this was the game that introduced the world to Mario. They could have played it safe with a Game Boy conversion – it still would have been impressive to have an arcade game in the palm of your hands – but Nintendo decided that wasn't...

  • Review Nexomon: Extinction - An Interesting Pokémon Clone That Doesn't Quite Stick The Landing

    Almost the very best

    Let's get one thing straight before we begin: we're going to go into this entire review without comparing Nexomon: Extinction to Pokémon. This is a very original RPG with items that have original names such as “Super Potion” and “Max Revive”…actually, who are we trying to kid? We will compare it to Pokémon, because...