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  • Review Horizon Chase Turbo - A Worthy Successor To Sega's Out Run

    Blue sky thinking

    There are many gamers out there – this writer included – who would kill for a modern-day version of Out Run. Not literally, mind you, but we could probably stretch to petty crime if need be. While fans of Sega’s definitive arcade racer will be pleased to hear it’s coming to the Switch soon as part of the Sega AGES series,...

  • Review R-Type Dimensions EX - Two Arcade Classics For The Price Of One

    Irem-emember you

    The shoot 'em up genre is the very definition of ‘easy to learn, hard to master’. At its core it's probably easier to explain than any other type of game: move around and shoot things, job done. Despite this, most shoot 'em ups tend to be extremely difficult. Whether it's because their roots are based in the arcades – where...

  • Review Saboteur! - A Well-Intentioned Nostalgia Trip That Fails To Get Pulses Racing

    Re-enter The Dragon

    Remakes and re-releases of retro console games are ten a penny these days; there are countless old-school titles from the likes of Nintendo, Sega, SNK and Namco available for newer audiences to discover on modern platforms like the Switch. It’s uncommon, though, for home computer games – specifically those from the ZX...

  • Review Road Redemption - A Rough But Riveting Road Rash Revival

    Looks like your Rash is back

    In this era of reboots, remasters and re-releases, it’s surprising that a number of EA’s classic 16-bit games have never been given the modern treatment: Desert Strike, Road Rash, FIFA… all remain trapped in the ‘90s, never to be resurrected (Okay, maybe not FIFA). Nine years ago, developer Ian Fisch decided it...

  • Review SNK 40th Anniversary Collection - A Lovingly-Assembled Retro Anthology That Hits The Right Notes

    Retro gold from a pre-Neo Geo era

    Although SNK is best known these days for its fantastic Neo Geo console and arcade systems – of which approximately a bajillion games are already available individually on the Switch – it's easy to forget that the Osaka-based company enjoyed 12 years developing games before the Neo Geo arrived in 1990. The SNK...

  • Review Black Bird - A Quirky Flight Through The Fantasy Zone Which Will Appeal To High Score Addicts

    None more black

    The Switch is fast becoming a fantastic console for shoot ‘em up fans, particularly in handheld mode where its relatively lag-free screen makes it ideal for twitch gameplay. Black Bird is another impressive game to add to the growing library of Switch shooters, courtesy of game designer Yoshiro Kimura, who produced Little King’s...

  • Review FIFA 19 - The Best Soccer Game On Switch, But It's Hard Not To Feel Short-Changed

    Here we go Higuain

    Last year, EA Sports reignited its relationship with Nintendo by bringing a FIFA game to one of its home consoles for the first time in half a decade. FIFA 18 delivered a solid football experience on Switch, causing us to confidently declare it “the best Nintendo FIFA ever”. This wasn’t exactly difficult to achieve, though...

  • Review Night Trap - 25th Anniversary Edition (Switch eShop)

    An impressive re-vamp

    “In the past years, some very violent and offensive games have reached the market, and of course I’m speaking about Mortal Kombat and Night Trap.” It was 9th December 1993, and the then-president of Nintendo of America, Howard Lincoln, was giving a statement at a US congressional hearing on violent video games. Mortal...

  • Review Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (3DS)

    So, you CAN teach an old dog U tricks

    The Switch version of Captain Toad is a no-brainer. Given that Nintendo’s latest home console (of sorts) is massively more popular than the Wii U was, it’s only logical that Captain Toad would be the latest in a long line of ports aimed at giving some of the Wii U’s brilliant library a second chance at...

  • Review Fox n Forests (Switch eShop)

    How does the fox play? (ring-ding-ding)

    Although the idea of indie games using retro graphics is about as overdone as a chicken cooked in a volcano, very few of them are authentic. With a few exceptions – Shovel Knight and VVVVVV immediately spring to mind – the majority of indie games using 8-bit and 16-bit style visuals would simply never have...

  • Review Immortal Redneck (Switch eShop)

    Mummy said knock you out

    Immortal Redneck feels like it could have been made 15 years ago. For many games that could be considered a negative thing, but for this one it’s hard to think of a better way to praise it. It feels like it comes from a simpler time, when shooters were about shooting. The premise is silly: you play as a redneck who...

  • Review Jotun: Valhalla Edition (Switch eShop)

    Thora the explorer

    Despite being a little over a year old, Nintendo Switch already has more than its fair share of top-down action adventure games. The presence of Cat Quest, Kamiko, Ittle Dew 2+ and numerous others like it means genre fans are already spoiled for choice when it comes to the old hack-and-slash routine. Jotun: Valhalla Edition is...

  • Review NBA 2K18 (Switch)

    Hoop dreams

    Note: We originally posted our NBA 2K18 review last month but the game was essentially broken, with a number of serious game-affecting bugs. It was so severe that we were unable to give the game a score, because we considered it incomplete. While we really enjoyed the game when it worked properly, our advice at the time was clear:...

  • Review FIFA 18 (Switch)

    The best Nintendo FIFA ever

    Video game spin is a curious thing. It must be difficult for publishers and developers to turn a negative into a positive, but sometimes the excuses are so odd our eyebrows can’t help ascending skyward. The FIFA series has been a good example of this for a number of years. Nintendo fans need only cast their minds back...

  • Review Arcade Archives Mario Bros. (Switch eShop)

    Sibling rivalry

    While we Switch owners continue to cross our arms and stamp our feet as we wait impatiently for the merest sniff of news regarding a Virtual Console service, it’s worth noting that Nintendo has given the nod for something that could be of greater importance to those with a keen interest in the company’s past. Hamster...

  • Review Metroid: Samus Returns (3DS)

    Welcome back

    You know, there’s a reason why they call it 'Metroidvania' and not 'Castletroid'. As much as the Castlevania series took the whole ‘interconnected 2D map’ ball and ran with it over the past decade while Metroid fans had to do without, it’s Nintendo’s series that first defined the rules and, when handled properly, did it best...

  • Review Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition (Switch)

    Everybody Loves Rayman

    It’s funny how things come full circle. It may be hard to remember now, but way back at E3 2012 when Rayman Legends was first revealed, it was declared a Wii U exclusive. Any Wii U owners who were eagerly awaiting Legends will recall the frustrating events that took place over the year that followed: originally planned as a...

  • Review Sky Ride (Switch eShop)

    Sky’s quite limited

    When you first boot up Sky Ride, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d accidentally downloaded an early alpha version by mistake. After selecting it from your Switch home menu you get a brief loading screen and are then immediately presented with your character sitting there, ready to go with a basic title logo up in the...

  • Review Puzzled (Switch eShop / Neo Geo)

    Blocking our enjoyment

    Not all Neo Geo games are created equal. Although the majority of titles on SNK’s system offer great blasts of arcade goodness, there were also a number of Neo Geo games back in the day that didn’t quite meet the high standards set by other gems like The King Of Fighters or Metal Slug. Puzzled, sadly, is a perfect example...

  • Review Shock Troopers 2nd Squad (Switch eShop / Neo Geo)

    Shock and slightly less awe

    There are few games that enjoy the sort of cult status Shock Troopers does. As one of the few Neo Geo games that was only released in arcades and not the Neo Geo console as well, the original Shock Troopers wasn’t as widely played as the likes of Metal Slug and SNK’s various fighting games. Those who did manage to...

  • Review Magician Lord (Switch eShop / Neo Geo)

    Casts ‘impedimentia’ too often

    It’s funny how over the years some big titles can fade completely into obscurity. There’s a good chance most modern gamers will never have heard of Magician Lord, but back in the early ‘90s it was actually quite a well-known title. That’s because in the early days of the Neo Geo, Magician Lord was one of...

  • Review Fatal Fury 2 (Switch eShop / Neo Geo)

    Not quite Special enough

    Back in the day, the power of the Neo Geo meant that SNK was the first publisher to release home console games that were over 100 Mb in size (that’s megabits, so around 12.5 MB). It commemorated this by launching the 100-Mega Shock series, which basically involved slapping a lovely splash screen at the start of any game...

  • Review The King of Fighters 2000 (Switch eShop / Neo Geo)

    The crown slips?

    Although Hamster Corporation is doing God’s work by bringing a horde of classic Neo Geo games to the Switch, by this point it’s starting to become pretty clear that there’s no logical rhyme or reason to the order they’re being released. On the day the Switch launched in March we were treated to The King Of Fighters ‘98,...