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Tuesday22nd Dec 2015

Friday18th Dec 2015

  • News The Tri-Slosher Nouveau is The Next New Weapon in Splatoon

    Posh name for a green bucket

    Splatoon is heading towards the end of its weekly benevolence that brings us free extras, so we should make the most of it while we can. As is often the case the development team is serving up a fresh weapon in time for the weekend, and this time it's the Tri-Slosher Nouveau. Well, it's a green bucket, so the name seems...

Thursday17th Dec 2015

Saturday12th Dec 2015

  • Video The Zink Mini Splatling Comes to Life on the Battlefield

    Zink-capable of failure

    Splatoon is the gift that keeps on giving, and this week the arsenal has been expanded to include the Zink Mini Splatling! This little beastie is strikingly similar to its non-Zink counterpart as you might expect, but this thing comes bundled with disruptors for keeping your prey still as well as a bubbler to save you from...

Friday11th Dec 2015

Sunday6th Dec 2015

  • News Nintendo's Next European Splatfest is the Most Random Yet

    Pizza preferences

    Splatoon is a game that seems to always have something fresh for us to enjoy. Whether it's the weekly additions of new weapons or, occasionally, a new stage, those that fire it up regularly normally have a something new to check out. Splatfests are another part of that, with topics that range from being rather neat to others that...

Friday4th Dec 2015

Wednesday2nd Dec 2015

Sunday29th Nov 2015

Friday27th Nov 2015

  • News Get Sloshed With Splatoon's Sloshing Machine This Weekend

    Might help you clean up your act

    These are happy times for Splatoon addicts, as some weeks are actually bringing two new weapons. The second new weapon to arrive this week looks set to arrive at the normal time of 7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern / 3am UK / 4am CET on Friday / Saturday, and looks a bit like a portable washing machine. It's the Sloshing...

Tuesday24th Nov 2015

  • News The Slosher Deco is Splashing Into Splatoon on 25th November

    If in doubt, just add 'deco' to the name

    Nintendo seems to like adding new weapons to Splatoon on Wednesdays now, with the Slosher Deco arriving on 25th November. Amusingly Nintendo of Europe accidentally tweeted images of the original Slosher originally, but we couldn't really see the difference between that and the 'deco' weapon on the way. Well,...

  • News Splatoon Picks up BAFTA Children's Award

    Hip with the squid-kids

    Awards season is approaching, and colourful shooter Splatoon has already drawn ink by picking up the 2015 British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Children's Award for Best Game. The Inklings beat out a second Nintendo nominee, Yoshi's Woolly World, for the honour, as well as the console edition of Minecraft and...

Sunday22nd Nov 2015

  • Video Splatoon Gets the Did You Know Gaming? Treatment

    Splatofu would have been interesting...

    Splatoon is one of the most popular Wii U games around at the moment, still going strong since its May release. With weekly additions, Splatfests and occasional major updates it keeps giving us reasons to play, not that plenty of fans need any excuse. Now the Did You Know Gaming? channel has kept up its...

  • News Check Out This Unused Stage Found in the Splatoon Art Book

    Maybe material for a future update?

    At launch, it could certainly be argued that Splatoon had just enough stages to get by, but this was assuaged over the coming months as Nintendo introduced new stages to the rotation; in addition to new gear and other goodies. While the post release DLC for Splatoon has been exceedingly generous, one must wonder...

Saturday21st Nov 2015

Friday20th Nov 2015

  • News The Hydra Splatling is the Next Freebie For Splatoon

    More style with the power

    Splatoon keeps on adding content, sometimes through major updates but often with new weapons, with the additions becoming part of many Wii U owner's weekly routines. The next new gun has now been confirmed, and it looks pretty cool. Arriving late evening on 20th November in North America and in the early hours of the...

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