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Monday22nd Feb 2016

  • News We Squid You Not, Japan Really Is Getting Splatoon Candy

    Dentists won't be happy

    Those of you who value your tooth enamel, look away now - Japanese candy maker Nobel is releasing official Splatoon sweets. These will be available in two varieties. The squid-shaped gummy sweets are melon and orange-flavoured, with the occasional octopus making an appearance. The other sweets are hard candy in a wide range...

Sunday21st Feb 2016

  • News The Pokémon Splatfest Results Have Been Confirmed

    And the winner is...

    The Splatoon Splatfest events have often focused on fairly simple conflicts, only dipping into feisty brand-related tussles occasionally. The Transformers event in North America was one example, and this weekend we had the Pokémon generation one event worldwide. With the Virtual Console games arriving on 27th February fans have...

Friday19th Feb 2016

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Friday12th Feb 2016

  • News Pokémon Splatfest Hitting Splatoon in February

    A decision harder than choosing your starter

    In continuing the celebration of Pokémon's 20th anniversary, the festivities have spread to another popular Nintendo franchise, Splatoon. A Pokémon themed Splatfest will take taking place the weekend of 20th February through 21st February in all regions pitting players against each other based on their...

Friday5th Feb 2016

Wednesday3rd Feb 2016

Monday1st Feb 2016

  • Gallery These Fan-Made Splatoon Weapons Are Pretty Fresh

    Tools of the trade

    The Game Party Japan 2016 event has just hosted the Japanese National Splatoon Championship, giving fans of the game the chance to test their skill against like-minded individuals. It also gave the truly dedicated the opportunity to show off their creative talents, as there was a booth which showcased fan-made versions of the...

  • News Splatoon Producer Hints at More Content Being Added in the Future

    "I'm starting to wonder if we can't organize a little something else."

    Splatoon had an admirable amount of post release support, with new game modes, maps, clothes, and weapons, being regularly added to the game via free updates. While it was inevitable that there would come to be an end to all the free goodness, the question of more, paid DLC has...

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Thursday21st Jan 2016

  • News Splatoon's Last Free Update Map Goes Live Tomorrow

    That's sixteen stages

    About a week ago, the final weapon for Splatoon's constant stream of new, extra content went live and signaled the end of the long run. Following that right up, the final new stage will go live tomorrow and bring the stage count to its final amount of sixteen. The new stage is Ancho-V Games, and this appears to be one of the...

Tuesday19th Jan 2016

  • News Splatoon Update to Prompt Server Maintenance and Brief Downtime

    Not for too long, thankfully

    Version 2.5.0 of Splatoon goes live soon, and the official Tumblr page for the game has advised that implementing the update will necessitate a bit of downtime that'll prevent online play. It's not a lengthy break, but is worth noting for North American gamers planning some evening matches. The following downtime is on...

  • News Splatoon's Next Update Is On Target For Launch Tomorrow

    Version 2.5.0 clamps down on shortcuts

    Nintendo continues to make changes and amendments to its ink-based online shooter Splatoon, with the latest lot of fixes coming on Wednesday January 20th - otherwise known as "tomorrow". These include the closing off of various shortcuts and a few fixes to environmental features. There are also some...

Friday15th Jan 2016

Saturday9th Jan 2016

Friday8th Jan 2016

  • News The Sloshing Machine Neo is Splashing Its Way Into Splatoon

    Getting sloshed at the weekend

    Nintendo has found a more wholesome and healthy way for us to get sloshed this weekend (Google it), confirming the latest free weapon to be heading into Splatoon. Due on the evening of 8th January in North America and the early hours of the morning on 9th January in Europe, the Sloshing Machine Neo will bring a bit of...

Thursday7th Jan 2016

  • News Splatoon Watches Hit Stores In Japan

    *Sigh*, in Japan...

    With Splatoon's ink-redible (apologies) popularity, it's only inevitable that Nintendo has been capitalising on the merchandise machine with its hottest new franchise. While the West has been treated to a few things here and there, Japan has certainly had its share of Splatoon spoils since the game's launch in May, such as...

Friday1st Jan 2016

Monday28th Dec 2015

  • News Piranha Pit is Heading to Splatoon Very Soon

    Depending on your time zone...

    The festive Splatoon updates continue to roll in, with a new stage next to grace the game before we move into 2016. Piranha Pit is coming 'tomorrow morning', as confirmed by Nintendo of Europe; based on typical update times that should mean the stage goes into rotation at 7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern on 28th December in...

Sunday27th Dec 2015

  • News Splatoon Developers Talk Stage Design and the End of Regular Updates

    It's been a good run

    Splatoon has evolved significantly from its original state at launch, with fourteen stages and over seventy weapons available to gamers. Considering how popular the game has been, and how it's managed to maintain that popularity, it's safe to say at this point that the launch of this new IP has been a resounding success...

Saturday26th Dec 2015

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