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Saturday22nd Jul 2017

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  • Gallery Splatoon 2 Squid "Air Mascots" Released in Japan

    Blowing hot air

    Coinciding with the worldwide release of Splatoon 2, Bandai has released a set of inkling inflatables known as "Air Mascots" through toy capsules. The collectible squids come in six variations being blue, green, olive, pink, purple and yellow. There is also the opportunity to find Judd the cat as a special bonus.  The capsules...

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  • News Get Ready For Splatoon 2 With This Ink-redible Art Book

    320 pages of Splatoon goodness

    We're about to go into Splatoon 2 overdrive, starting with the Nintendo Direct this Thursday. It's clear that Nintendo are going really big on this colouful sequel to the much loved Wii U series debut. With an insane about of Splatoon merch coming out this month, Nintendo also seems to be banking on the franchise big t

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  • News Get Colourful With A Splatoon-Themed Casio Baby-G Watch

    Now that's a smart watch!

    While players like Apple, Samsung and LG are fighting between themselves to come up with the best smartwatch solution, it's refreshing that Casio are staying old school with their new Baby-G series which have a Splatoon theme. These funky colourful seemingly indestructible watches come in two designs. The white Baby-G...

Thursday30th Mar 2017

  • News The Splatoon U.S. Inkling Open Has a Trip to E3 Up for Grabs

    Splatting it old school

    A lot of the talk in the past week has been around Splatoon 2, but let's not forget that the original Splatoon is still very much active and a hoot to play. Now Nintendo of America has teamed up with Battlefy to promote an online tournament in the original with a cool prize - a trip for four to this year's E3. Battlefy is a...

Friday24th Mar 2017

  • News ESL Go4Splatoon Europe Grand Final to be Broadcast Live on 1st April

    Splatoon 2 exhibition match also confirmed

    Over a number of months Nintendo has been teamed up with ESL in a search for the best Splatoon team in Europe, a contest designed to boost the eSports credentials and popularity of the IP. There have been monthly events and contests at expos, and now we're gearing up for the grand final in Paris in which...

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