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  • News Blatant Splatoon Mobile Rip-Off Has Resurfaced in China

    When will they learn?

    Sadly, mobile clones of successful franchises are a strangely common thing these days. Despite the obvious copyright infringements, developers seem to have no shame in creating almost identical (but almost always weaker) versions of popular titles - one such Splatoon clone actually made its way to stores just over a...

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  • Feature Take A Look At The Awesome NES Splatoon We Never Got To Play

    "I caught them when they were probably very busy finishing the game"

    Splatoon is fantastic in 3D, but what exactly would it look like in 2D? That's what former Vitei (Steel Diver, Tank Troopers) staffer Nathan Heckel pondered last year. "While I was at Vitei wrapping up work on Tank Troopers as a gameplay programmer, I wanted to start my...

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  • News Nintendo Is Ending SplatNet for Splatoon Next Month

    Don’t worry, the game servers will still be up

    Splatoon was a landmark moment for Nintendo, marking its first major online multiplayer focused game and in a new genre for the company, too. The game was a smash hit (or at least as much as one could be on Wii U), but it’s been inevitable since day one that this online game would eventually see a...

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