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    Review Splatoon 2

    Totally off the hook

    Going into Splatoon 2 after the excellent first entry in the series, expectations were high; arguably too high to be properly realised. The original showed an incredible level of ingenuity, clever design, and almost boundless creativity, so could the sequel match up or suffer from a case of the Final Fantasy IIs? First off,...

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    Review Cars 3: Driven to Win

    Cruisin' in 3rd gear

    Nintendo systems often get tie-ins for popular family movies, fleshing out the multi-platform offerings that are available. It's absolutely understandable considering the fact that young audiences do get drawn to Nintendo hardware, and that's continuing with the Switch. Cars 3: Driven to Win is an early contender in this...

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    Review Cave Story+

    A catchy Quote?

    Nintendo consoles have, as of late, become a safe haven of sort for indies looking to publish their wares on home consoles. It makes sense, then, that the Switch would receive its own port of one of the most popular indie titles of all time, Cave Story+.  Originally released in 2004 on PC, Cave Story gained popularity and...

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    Review ARMS

    Mostly armless

    For a company that is so often accused of relying too heavily on its existing franchises, Nintendo has been refreshingly open to creating new intellectual properties of late. Splatoon famously came out of nowhere back in 2015 and established Nintendo as a key player in the online shooter genre, and now ARMS is attempting to perform...

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    Review Disgaea 5 Complete

    Delightful madness

    In the early days of the Nintendo Switch we're gradually seeing the broadening of its library to incorporate a wide range of genres. Disgaea 5 Complete is an early and substantial release for strategy / tactical gamers, and is also the most 'Disgaea' game many will have played. To be absolutely clear from the outset your...

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    Review Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers

    "Now I will find a better challenge!"

    Like Tetris, Doom and Minecraft., Street Fighter II is one of those games which will forever have a special place in the history of video games. Upon its initial launch in 1992 it captured the hearts and minds of an entire generation of players, triggering a genre explosion which would last for the remainder of...

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    Review Puyo Puyo Tetris

    Switching up the Tetris formula

    Tetris is a classic almost as old as gaming, having first released in 1984 before making its first appearance on Nintendo hardware in 1988. Puyo Puyo is comparatively new, but has a legacy all its own. Back in 2014, Sonic Team got the idea of fusing the two popular franchises into something new, and thus Puyo Puyo...

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    Review Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

    Hitting top gear

    Opting for enhanced and expanded deluxe / director's cut / remastered / Game of the Year editions of last-gen games is a well-worn tactic in the early days of a new console. Some of the most enjoyable games on PS4 and Xbox One are high quality re-releases, taking a top-notch title and sprucing it up for a new generation with all of...

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    Review LEGO City: Undercover

    Chasing more sales

    LEGO City: Undercover, understandably, was considered a big deal by Nintendo when it came to the Wii U exclusively back in early 2013. While it was a welcome arrival, it struggled - like various other titles - to arrest the early slump in system sales, and though Nintendo published the title it was evidently not locked down...

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    Review Has-Been Heroes

    Past its prime

    After working on the Trine trilogy of physics-based adventure games, it's safe to say that Frozenbyte knows its way around the fantasy genre. Continuing in the grand tradition of sending three adventurers off on a harrowing quest, Nintendo Switch has now been graced with Has-Been Heroes, an RPG that blends elements of the roguelike...

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    Review The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+

    Bound for greatness

    Describing The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ is no simple task. It's Edmund McMillen's follow-up to his first hit (which he co-developed), Super Meat Boy, which we loved. The two games, however, couldn't be more different. Where Super Meat Boy is more of a nod to the platformers of yesteryear, The Binding of Isaac is something...

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    Review Skylanders Imaginators

    The Portal is put out to pasture

    Skylanders Imaginators may be a launch title on the Switch, but it's not a new game as such - we've already played this on Wii U, after all. While many expected Activision to simply roll out the Wii U game with boosted visuals, there have been some changes to make it fit perfectly on Nintendo's new system - in fact,...

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    Review Just Dance 2017

    Unfortunately Will Smith’s “Switch” does not make an appearance

    People all over the world have finally got their hands on the Nintendo Switch, and with a relatively generous supply of games supplied at launch when including Nintendo eShop offerings, choices on which software to buy must be made. One of these launch day titles is a port of last...

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    Review Super Bomberman R

    An explosive return

    When most people pick up their Switch, they'll likely be grabbing a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild along with it. If you're picking up another game with your console however, we strongly suggest you consider Super Bomberman R. If you've never before played a Bomberman title before - and let's be honest, the...

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    Review 1-2-Switch

    The Switch's Wii Sports?

    Would the Wii have sold over 100 million units had it not come bundled with Wii Sports? It might be a pointless question to ponder more than a decade after launch, but there's no denying that the famous collection of motion-controlled sports titles convinced many a punter to part with their hard-earned cash. It was the ideal...

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    Review The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    A breathless experience

    The Legend of Zelda has always been a franchise that best typifies Nintendo's desire to create memorable, substantial adventures. If Mario is all about precise mechanics and pure enjoyment, Zelda is a series that focuses on storytelling, world-building and classical tropes of good against evil, Hero against returning villain...