Aspyr has today announced that 2002's Star Wars: Bounty Hunter will be blasting onto Switch on 1st August in an all-new package.

You might remember this third-person action-adventure from back in the GameCube days. In it, you play as Jango Fett (before his little run-in with Mace Windu, obviously) on a mission to capture a mysterious Dark Jedi. Expect all the trappings of classic Mandalorian combat as you blast, scorch and fly your way through the campaign.

As you might expect, this isn't a straight-up port and Aspyr has made some adjustments to the original game. This version boasts visual enhancements, improved textures, new dynamic lighting effects and a flashlight tool to assist in dark areas. There's also a Boba Fett skin which can be unlocked by completing the main campaign.

Here's a rundown and some screenshots from Aspyr:

Let the Hunt Begin: In this classic third-person action-adventure, you'll play as Jango Fett, Prime Clone of the Grand Army of the Republic, hired to capture a deranged Dark Jedi.
Relive the Timeless Tale: Experience the legendary Bounty Hunter fantasy set before the events of Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones™. Face off against foes and maneuver through acrobatic battles in this adaption optimized for today's consoles and hardware.
Armed to the Teeth: Fight your way through the galaxy’s underbelly, equipped with Dual Blasters, your Flamethrower, Whipcord, and pure Mandalorian Rage.

Looking at the trailer and screenshots, it's clear that the visuals have been cleaned up a notch, but we can't say that it looks like an absolute game-changer just yet.

Coming off the back of last year's Star Wars: Battlefront Classic Collection, Aspyr has some serious work to do if it is to regain our trust in the Force. Only time will tell if it can pull it off...

Will you be picking up Star Wars: Bounty Hunter on Switch? Blast your thoughts in the comments below.