Mega Drive Mini Zero
Image: Sega

The Mega Drive Mini followed in the footsteps of the NES and SNES Classic Editions a while back, and Sega released it alongside tiny Mega CD and 32X attachments – purely cosmetic add-ons which didn't actually enhance the functionality of the console, but did look rather cool.

If you liked these largely useless pieces of plastic, then you'll be pleased to learn that Sega's releasing another one – and this time, it's a tiny version of the Power Base Converter (or 'Mega Adapter' as it was called in Japan), which, in its original form, allowed you to play Master System games on the original Mk1 Mega Drive.

The Mega Drive Tower Mini Zero launches in Japan on October 21st, alongside a Sega MyCard and Gold cartridge. The original Mega CD / 32X set was exclusive to Japan, but US-based journalists were sent special units as promotional items.

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