Pokemon GO

According to new data estimates, Pokémon GO is enjoying its most successful year yet with more than $1 billion being made in player spending in the first ten months of 2020.

The data comes from Sensor Tower, which reports that player spending is already 11% up on last year with two months still left to go. The report notes that after a fantastic start to life in 2016, spending within the app dropped in 2017, before going on to rise year-on-year ever since. To date, Pokémon GO has generated $4.2 billion in player spending.

You can get an easy-to-understand look at this data in the chart below.

Pokemon GO player spending datavia Sensor Tower

Sensor Tower says that the United States accounts for the largest chunk of spending in total, with revenue hitting $1.5 billion. Japan is second with $1.3 billion, while Germany ranks third with $238.6 million.

The report claims that the app's boosted success this year may well be thanks to a download and revenue increase seen across the mobile games market due to the global pandemic and the lockdowns that have been brought about as a result. Of course, Pokémon GO introduced a number of features this year to help players continue to enjoy the app from home – for a while, at least.

The next time someone says 'Pokémon GO's a dead game, who even still plays that lol', you might want to show them this... It looks like the game will be around for a good long while yet!

[source sensortower.com]